Jevinik Restaurant.

Jevinik Restaurant is a popular restaurant offering delicious and sumptuous authentic Nigerian cuisines in a clean and lovely environment.

Located in Abuja, Jevinik Restaurant Jevinik Restaurant is a modern upscale restaurant where guests can get local & intercontinental delicacies.

Jevinik Restaurant is centrally located in the city of Abuja and it offers some of the authentic and mouth-watering Nigerian dishes and Nigerian atmosphere, complete with water basins for washing your hands right on your table.

The restaurant offers such Nigerian delicacies as pounded yam, draw soup, melon soup, catfish, cow leg, etc.

Great and friendly staff couple with fast service makes the restaurant special. Jevinik Restaurant offers a wide parking space, but challenging during lunch hours as the restaurant is always busy.

Security guards doubling as parking attendants give you directions as you maneuver in and out of the parking lot.