World Teachers Day: Did M.I Abaga school Vector with his diss track?

Self-styled Africa’s number 1 rapper M.I Abaga set twitter on fire on Saturday with the release of his diss track “The Viper” which is a response to Vector Da Viper’s diss he called “The Purge”.

Both rappers have not been allies in the music industry, never done a song together and according to M.I, Vector showed his dislike for him with the very first line of his first single Kilode. Vector had granted popular OAP, Daddy Freeze an interview where he spoke at length on what led to the loveless relationship that never existed between the pair. Real name Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, Vector who is also an actor has enjoyed a bit of the kind of success every musician expects in the Nigerian music industry. Although having enjoyed the luxury of releasing three studio albums, winning some awards and getting a few nominations in the early years of his career, Vector has been underground until this face-off with M.I.

According to M.I, Vector started dissing him because he didn’t feature on a song after Vector asked. The song in question is, ‘King Kong,’ which was released in 2014. Vector in his track said rumor has it that M.I is a ‘snake with a few rats’ and ‘if I cut my legs off you still wouldn’t reach the point where my head is’ referring to both M.I’s height and his Headies awards, to which M.I replied ‘you no be mate to me, you should look up yo me like your pale (father), I’m happy my son is taller, doesn’t mean you won’t dobale (bow down).

First seen on Vanguard News, written by Emmanuel Okogba.