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Political Boko Haram must be defeated in 2017 - North East Coalition Against Terrorism
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An anti-terrorism group, the North East Coalition Against Terrorism (NECAT) has said to stop the vanquished Boko Haram psychological militants from raising assets to back enrollment of clueless Nigerians to swell their effectively exhausted positions, security offices must pillar their hunt light on lawmakers and high positioning people who have indicated sensitivity towards the fear mongers.

Tending to a public interview in Abuja, NECAT National Co-ordinator, Yusuf Msheliza said pursuing those it portrayed as politically uncovered people that have been demonstrated to have joins with psychological militants particularly those that were harboring Boko Haram criminals that are on the run is the best thing to do to keep the gathering from regrouping.

He said however the escaping fear mongers have done amazement assaults, yet Nigerians know that the armed force has won the war.

He stated, "we are satisfied to report that we are not at all baffled with the unforeseen development since that annihilation first stood out as truly newsworthy. The normal aftermath from that annihilation was that the remainders of the dread gathering would take a stab at organizing shock assaults even as they are on the run all in the push to introduce a photo of not being vanquished.

"We are not amazed at the improvement in the news about such assaults and we should state there are even less assaults than we expected, all on account of the Nigerian Army for knowledge assembling that has been utilized to thwart a hefty portion of such plots.

He depicted the late capture of a few people claimed to harbor some Boko Haram individuals as a "proactive choice"

He stated, "We hail the Nigerian Army for capturing these politically uncovered people who help the exercises of fear based oppressors in the nation. Our sincere desires is that they will soon be charged to court under hostile to fear laws if discovered punishable.

He said however the armed force has so far possessed the capacity to catch neighborhood government level lawmakers yet from data accessible in the general population space already, the searchlight would need to bar on legislators at the state level, who had straightforwardly revealed their relationship with Boko Haram previously.

He however engaged the security organizations that in pursuing these political Boko Haram individuals, no refinement ought to be made by virtue of past or introduce political affiliations, ethnic foundation or religious membership.

As per him, "The vital thought is the wellbeing and honesty of Nigeria. Such refinements ought not be stretched out to these key on-screen characters that have been included in arms buys, raising of assets to fund fear based oppression and enlistment of clueless Nigerians to swell the rank of guerillas particularly at whatever point they are pulverized the Nigerian Army.

"We need to stress that it is imperative that these components are managed now that the entire of the north east has been freed in light of the fact that it is vital to control the exercises of escaping Boko Haram individuals who may ponder regrouping."