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Mikel Hit Back At Terry’s Sleepy One Jibe With Picture Of The Captain Sleeping In Team Bus
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John Obi Mikel has taken a swipe back at captain John Terry who revealed during the course of the week, that the Nigerian sleeps a lot among players of the team.

Mikel who responded to Terry by saying he isn’t the sleepy one in the team has now gone a step further by posting a picture of the Chelsea captain sleeping in the team bus on their way to a team function.

The Nigeria captain who is Chelsea’s current second longest serving player behind the captain, posted the picture on his official twitter handle, tagging the Terry in a picture with David Luiz.

He also commented by the picture by saying ” @DavidLuiz_4 And JT says I’m the sleepy one ” next to a thread of the story where Terry referred to him as the sleepy one.