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China Plans $40 Billion Investment in Nigeria
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China is investing additional $40 billion in Nigerian economy, its Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr Wang Yi, said on Wednesday at a reciprocal meeting with his Nigerian partner, Mr Geoffrey Onyeama, in Abuja.

The Minister said China has as of now contributed up to the tune of $45 billion in the Nigerian economy.

"Nigeria and China are vital accomplices; our relations have been growing great. China has as of now contributed or financed an aggregate number of $22billion tasks here in Nigeria, another $23billion activities are on-going.

"What's more, we are additionally following up another over $40billion of speculations which is in the pipeline.

"Contrast and the size, populace and market of our two nations, our collaboration still can possibly be extended," he said.

As indicated by him, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish assist advancement and thriving of the two nations, we have to reinforce our political common trust, profound reciprocal between our improvements.

He worried on the need to additionally grow commonsense participation and develop key association between the two nations.

He communicated certainty that his visit would be an effective one and assume a double part in further reinforcing the vital organization amongst China and Nigeria.

Yi said the reason for his visit to Nigeria was to actualize the imperative understandings and collaboration came to between the Chinese and Nigerian presidents.

He said the visit was additionally to work intimately with Nigeria to guarantee that the result of the Forum for China Africa Cooperation summit are all around actualized here in Nigeria.

Onyeama had before complimented the current relationship amongst Nigeria and China noticing that the relationship had been solid for a long time.

"I think the level of collaboration with China is to a great degree high and Chinese government is putting measure of cash in Nigeria and presumably is going up to $60 to $80 billion and we are to a great degree upbeat for that

He said that at the last meeting in South Africa and the administration of China made accessible the aggregate of $60 billon for Africa and various nations including Nigeria.

The Minister said that he would need to enter in and perceive the amount of that could be utilized to help with the different undertakings that we have in this nation.

He clarified that President Muhammadu Buhari was in China in 2016 and had a dialog with Chinese Government on different participation.

"We realize that in the zone of foundation which is one of the need zones and broadening the Program of this legislature from oil .

"Chinese government has been demonstrating a considerable measure of participation with us around there particularly in the range of transportation," he said

Clergyman of Transport, Mr Rotimi Amaechi was a piece of the meeting.