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Buhari doesn't drink, smoke; loves Ndigbo - Ngige
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Former Anambra governor, now Minister of Labor and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige, has depicted President Muhammadu Buhari as a man who proficiently does any work provide for him, uncovering that the President neither beverages nor smokes.

He expressed this while expelling as immaculate lie the announcement made by the Secretary-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Dr Joe Nwaorgu that President Muhammadu Buhari was advancing governmental issues of prohibition against the general population of the Southeast.

Talking with writers at the end of the week amid the yearly tradition and 2016 graduation service of Skill Acquisition Students of Bina Foundation, Enugu, Ngige said in opposition to the announcement purportedly made by Ohanaeze that Ndigbo were being prohibited, the forerunners of Buhari demonstrate that he cherishes Ndigbo.

He, be that as it may, cautioned Ndigbo against legislative issues of distance, approaching them rather, to grasp different parts of the nation with open hands.

As per him, "I am certain the announcement did not exude from Ohanaeze. It is the individual feeling of the Secretary General, Dr Joe Nwaorgu, my own companion. Ohanaeze has a method for communicating its perspectives in a press proclamation by the President General and such an announcement must exude from Imeobi (inward council).

"When you go to Buhari's forerunners, you see his adoration for Igbos. His Brigade Commander was an Igboman. After the war, he didn't slaughter Prisoners of War. He brought back his cohorts, J.C. Ojukwu and the other man from Ojoto in Anambra State. He is a decent man. He minds his own business. He is restrained in office.

"He doesn't drink. He doesn't smoke. He is a man who does any work proficiently. He has Igbo companions. It isn't right to state that Igbos didn't vote in favor of him in 2015. There was no voting crosswise over Igboland. It was vote distribution.

"I would prefer not to join issues with him (Nwaorgu). I have held different positions in Ohanaeze before him. I championed Aka Ikenga. His Igboness is not more grounded than mine. It is still early. We ought to quit crying over spilt drain.

"We got 20 pounds after the war. We ought to influence on our flourishing, mechanical soul, creativity and inclination for work to move forward. We require political wellness and discretion and we won't be abandoned.

"Previous Vice President, Alex Ekwueme has done a great deal in progressive sacred meetings on the zoning structure and local participation. I have dependably upheld that at Aka Ikenga. We do it and the rest might be included unto us."

Taking note of that there was an understanding that the administration would go round, the Minister called attention to that Ndigbo could get their turn by grasping different parts of the nation with open hands and not legislative issues of distance.