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Buhari Departs for Gambia Today to Persuade Jameh to Handover Power
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President Muhammadu Buhari is set to go to The Gambia today to mediate in the emergency preparing in the nation after the occupant President, Yahya Jammeh, rejected the aftereffects of the presidential race which he lost to his adversary.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that Buhari would meet with and induce Jammeh to hand over to Adama Barrow, the president-elect.

BBC additionally reported that Buhari would be joined by other West Africa pioneers, in an offer to end the political emergency fermenting in the West African nation.

Jammeh lost the simply finished up race in the nation, and yielded the decisions to Barrow, a land big shot who has never held a political office.

"I'm calling you to want you to enjoy all that life has to offer, the Gambian individuals have talked and I have no motivation to challenge the will of Almighty Allah," Jammeh had said at the time.

The December 1 vote saw Barrow win 222,708 votes (43.3 for every penny), while Jammeh surveyed 208,487 (39.6 for each penny).

In an emotional u-turn, Jammeh later rejected the race result, saying: "After a careful examination, I have chosen to dismiss the result of the late race.

"I mourn genuine and unsuitable variations from the norm which have apparently happened amid the appointive procedure. I suggest crisp and straightforward races which will be administered by a divine being dreading and free constituent commission."

John Mahama, Ghanaian President who simply lost and surrendered in the West African nation, will likewise join the African pioneers in inducing Jammeh to give up power.

The United Nations, African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) had all approached Jammeh to surrender control.