Tourist Guide for Hotels in Nigeria

Generally speaking, tourists to Nigeria cannot expect the same level of accommodations they would expect in developed, industrialized nations. While Nigeria's larger cities, such as Lagos and Abuja, have some international hotel chains, smaller privately owned hotels may seem lacking in amenities to travelers who are unfamiliar with travel in developing countries. Nonetheless, plenty of hotel options are available for the curious and flexible explorer. Lagos Hotels In Nigeria's capital, it's..

Charleston gained its only Nigerian restaurant.

Charleston has lost its only Ethiopian restaurant -- but simultaneously gained its only Nigerian restaurant. Sweet Savor this weekend opened in the North Charleston strip mall space recently vacated by Ethiopian Taste (Reader Pinaki Santra spotted the changeover). "It was personal problems that came up here and there," Ethiopian Taste owner Nitsuh Woldemariam says of the restaurant's closing, which occurred around the time of its first anniversary. "It was too stressful for us to keep up."..