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The West African Giraffe can weigh up to 2,800 pounds and be from 16 to 19 feet tall. They are also called the Nigerian Giraffe due to the fact that is where most of them are found. The males will weigh more than the females when they are full grown. However, it can still be hard to tell them apart. One way you can distinctly tell the male and female West African Giraffes from each other is by viewing the horns. The males are very thick and usually bald. They can be about five inches off the skull too. For females, they are more like knobs than horns. They are thin and they have hair on them. The coloring for these giraffes can vary as well. The range is from a light brown to a very dark brown. The males continue to get darker in color as they get older. Some of the very old ones will even have a black coloring to them. The spots on this particular species of giraffe are much lighter than the others.

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